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Individuals that wish to obtain either an advanced degree from our Institution or even just the educational experience that Universitius offers its students should consider the following as to if they qualify to seek admission to our Institution.

The world of academia today has created a factory of institutions that churn out masses of humanity with educational degrees and no real world experience.

Within this vast sea of recently diplomaed human vessels, a few have shown truly remarkable brilliance worthy of having an advanced degree of education bestowed upon their highly intelligent brows.

Unfortunately there is a plethora of such brilliant post graduate individuals that have only yet begun to have their intelligence polished by the lower academic mills that try to help develop the young minds of the world that have shown great potential and capacity to understand academic knowledge.

The factories of academia are creating millions of diplomas each year and the brightest of these students are those that we seek to help them advance not only academically but also advance in the spirit of the global improvement of the human condition.

The students we seek have not only shown true academic brilliance, they have shown a capacity to seek out philosophical interests that most have ignored in the pursuit of academic credentials. We also seek individuals that have already contributed to society in trying to help humanity by having already participated in social volunteerism where they have shown proven leadership abilities.

These are the leaders of the future of humanity, and these rare individuals are those we seek out to help develop academically as well as spiritually through active involvement during their post graduate education with our Institution in the numerous non-profit projects we are currently involved in.

Unlike other so-called Institutions of Advanced Degrees, our Institution is funded so our elite students have no financial obligation to our Institution.

The students we admit will of course be expected to continue their academic growth by following our elite curriculum that places a great burden upon them to grow not only academically but these students will all be placed so they participate in non-profit projects our Institution is involved in so these special students can help bring to reality and the human condition advancements in the numerous areas of human interest projects we are actively engaged in.

A student that advances within our Institution of Advanced Degree Education will have not only shown advanced academic achievements, they will also obtain a real world resume demonstrating real world leadership capabilities in the most worthy of human projects we are committed to as an academic institution for advanced degree education.

While the bulk of our admission submissions will be from individuals that have at least a degree from one of the academic factories, we also consider individuals with real world experience for possible placement within our Institution of advanced degree education.

These special students may be very young or even advanced in age, however, they will have demonstrated in the real world exceptional knowledge and achievements that makes them a candidate for our Institution. This can be demonstrated by their resume of real world achievements where such individuals have perhaps founded a software or internet company at a young age and helped grow it successfully, thus lacking traditional academic credentials that most post graduate institutions would not consider, such individuals with true genius may be ignored by other so-called Institutions of Advanced Degree Education.

What we expect from potential students at this point is simple, we expect you to have a PDF file showing your academic credentials and also your social achievements that we can consider, so create a dynamic PDF file that we can download to review. The rare genius may not have traditional academic credentials so a resume showing exceptional real world achievements will suffice.

Then we expect a second PDF file from students seeking admission that we can review which is a simple essay where a student seeking admission into our Institution explains why we should consider them for an advanced degree education and how they can help one of the non-profit projects our Institution is committed to.

You can use the form below once you have created the two PDF Files we need to consider you for admission into our advanced degree Institution.

Supply dynamic links to each PDF File. If you are chosen from the many submissions we receive, we will have then start a series of skype interviews with you to consider you for our Academic Institution.

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